indian head massage

Indian Head Massage is the little brother of On-Site Massage: it is the massage of the back, neck and head just over and around the Central Nervous System therefore it is very stimulating and relaxing. When time allows it is also very beneficial to work on those tired arms and hands too. This treatment is a relaxing massage and is ideal for those who do not like strong pressure. Originally it is performed on a chair and is ideal in offices where the therapist is delivering the sessions at the receiver’s desk i.e. in a call centre, however, it can also be performed with the receiver sitting on an On-Site Massage Chair too.  No need to undress as I work over clothing except for the longer sessions as per below.


10 - 30 min sessions

These shorter sessions are quick fixes to get you going, ease tightness in achy muscles and perk you up a little but will not have long lasting benefits.


55 min sessions: 

Perfect for those with tight shoulders and neck, who suffer from headaches and are after a relaxing treatment. In the second part of the longer session I use oils to work directly on the skin to achieve enhanced relaxation.


Indian Head Massage is available for private as well as corporate bookings. Please note that for longer sessions a small private room is needed.


From £60 / hour, however, this can be a little more or a little less depending on how far I need to travel and how many hours I am booked in for. Please contact me for a quote.