lava shell massage

Lava Shell massage is basically the little sister of  hot stone massage; it is a mobile heat treatment. The therapist is using a couple of heated Tiger striped clam (recycled from the Philippines where they harvest it for food) as a tool to deliver deeper pressure. The clam is super smooth and the heat warms the body up making you feel nice and cozy. The massage also increases tissue elasticity, reduces muscle tension, soothe pain-irritated nerve endings and draws more blood to any injured area that delivers more oxygen and nutrients to recover faster.

Sounds amazing, right? 


Lava Shell Massage is available for private as well as corporate bookings, however, please note that a private room is needed as I will be working with oils directly on the skin.

Treatment Times:

It is best to keep it 60-90 min / person in an office environment, however, this can be a lot longer for individual bookings especially if it is combined with other therapies too i.e. with Meditation Massage or Reflexology.


From £70 / hour, however, this can be a little more or a little less depending on how far I need to travel and how many hours I am booked in for. Please contact me for a quote.