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Growth Mindset and Massage Therapy

If you you are a budding or existing entrepreneur then you will be well aware of the importance of cultivating a Growth Mindset that enable us to reframe any failure and traumas we had experienced turning them into lessons and even opportunities. It is also a crucial element to our personal growth, which we can learn from inspiring biographies, empowering seminars and self developmental courses and books.

However, you might ask ‘but what is the Growth Mindset has got to do with having a Massage?

According to Robin Sharma, a celebrated leadership and performance expert, scheduling in a 2 x 90 min Deep Tissue Massage is one of the 10 tactics that any Lifelong Genius needs to implement into their weekly schedule in order to maximise their productivity, ignite their creativity and activate their best health. He coined this empowering habit ‘The Two Massage Protocol’ otherwise known as ‘2MP’.

In his book ‘The 5 AM Club’ Robin Sharma goes into the science explaining how having a Deep Tissue Massage significantly improves our brain performance by directly affecting our ability to solve problems. He also describes that having regular massage sessions benefits our mental health and cognition by reducing Cortisol, the fear hormone levels by 31%, increasing dopamine levels by 31%, which is a neurotransmitter positively affecting our mood and motivation and it also elevates the secretion of serotonin by 28%, which is the hormone responsible for regulating anxiety and raising happiness. The leadership guru also describes how Massage also benefits our physical body by reducing muscle tension, lowers the inflammation in our bodies thus decreasing pain sensation as well as it stimulates mitochondria production that results in more efficient cellular metabolism and increased energy production.

As you can see, the amazing benefits of massage is well recognised amongst high achievers and leaders and they use massage therapy not just to relax their body and mind but as a tool to help them accomplish epic results, to wake up feeling happy, focused and motivated. However, just knowing about these transformational benefits will not give you the edge, you actually have to book the 2 x 90 minutes Deep Tissue Massage sessions and schedule them into your week.

As the author of The 5AM Club explains: yes, it takes some effort scheduling it in, yes you might be busy and yes, it is expensive but death will cost you more and you can not afford not implementing it!

If you enjoyed this read and found the article useful then you might be interested in watching the following U-tube link where Robin Sharma explains the ‘Two Massage Protocol’ in detail:

Have a lovely day! ☀️

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