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How to find your Ideal Massage Therapist?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Great, you are ready to receive an amazing massage and now you are on a quest to find the Ideal Massage Therapist of your dream. But how do you do that?

Well, the answer is simple really. You will find your perfect therapist exactly the same way as you find your favourite flavoured chocolate in a Montezuma's Truffle Gift Box! You have to try them all. Or at least a selected few! Here are the steps you can take:

Step 1.

Let's go into the science of it and narrow the search down. First of all do you know what you want? Are you a fitness fanatic spending hours training in the gym or outdoors? Are your muscles working super hard and now they feel like brick restricting your ROM (Range Of Motion)? Perhaps you have sustained an injury? Your best bet is to look for a Deep Tissue / Sports Massage Therapist to get those stubborn muscles relaxed and to help with rehabilitation.

Perhaps your job is mentally exhausting... Or you are leading a hectic and busy lifestyle with kids running wild in the house and you. just. need. a. break. A soothing, calming Relaxation Massage could be an amazing option for you that helps you to let go of that daily pressure and create space in your otherwise busy mind.

Do you enjoy the spiritual aspect of Massage? Do you want your therapist to work on an energetic level as well? Or simply you are not keen on getting your body oily and preferred your massage session over your clothing? In this case Thai Massage is a great option as it is performed over clothing (on a mat) and your therapist will be working along energy lines rebalancing the energy flow in the body.

You see, the point is that there are many modalities within massage therapy and reading up on their individual benefits will help you to make a decision which type of massage to try out first.

Step 2.

Now that you know what you want create a shortlist of 5 therapists you like the sound of by the way of researching available therapist around you. Ask your family and friends for recommendation, google it, make a list of the therapists you found and then read their reviews. I find the reviews very helpful as there are many hints about what the therapist is like, however, be mindful not to take it as a gospel as your Ideal Massage Therapist might not be another person's Ideal Massage Therapist. I.e. many might praise the therapist’s ability to provide a skilful treatment and the firm pressure and in the same time a few other might criticises the therapist’s choice relating to the massage oil that was used, or the music that was played during the session. You then need to weigh up all the pros and cons.

Step 3.

This is the fun bit: experiment! Book a session in with the therapists you like and after each session reflect on your experience with them. Think about the things you liked or didn’t like: did you have the outcome you were looking for? How did you find the therapist’s approach to you as a person; were you able to discuss your concerns and the reasons for you wanting / needing a massage? Were you comfortable during the massage? Was the pressure light/ deep enough for you? How was the environment? Or perhaps you had a mobile therapist visiting you in your home? Was the therapist on time? How would you rate your overall experience? Remember, the more you reflect on your sessions the better understanding you develop on what you enjoy and what your body needs, which in turn will enable you to find your Ideal Massage Therapist.

Enjoy your quest!

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