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Our Psychological Energy: Passion

You might have heard me mentioning Impact Theory University, a community where everyone is passionate about bettering themselves as well as their skills. One of the most recent class I watched there was about passion, which I found so interesting that I decided to summarise it in a blog for anyone who is embracing the concept of the Growth Mindset, a journey of personal development.

Your Goal and Passion

Whatever your Goal is at the moment, in order to achieve it you will have to jump over hurdles, push through obstacles and overcome adversities in order to reach that goal or the next phase in our lives. This is due to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which states that things move towards chaos otherwise known as entropy. This is physics, a fact of life and no-one is immune to it. To overcome this entropy, to bring order into our lives and to achieve our goals we need to put energy into the system and that energy comes from 2 different sources: it partly comes from our physiology (cellular energy) and partly comes from our psychology. To generate physical (cellular) energy you need to take care of the basics: sleep, diet / nutrition and exercise and to generate psychological energy you will need to build passion around getting mastery in the skillset that is required to accomplish your goal.

In this blog I will explain what Passion is and how to build it.

What is Passion?

Passion gives us the psychological energy to push through those difficult times when we want to give up on our goals but instead of giving up we can tap into our passion, that we consciously built, and will come up on the other side!

It is an interest turned into mastery by working hard and developing it. I love the quote from Tom Bilyeu that ‘Passion is not an archeological find it is an architectural build.’ This is such an empowering definition that means we can all overcome any obstacles and limitations in our way just by creating the passion that sees us through it. Creating passion will physiologically manifest in the body as it influences blood pressure, neurotransmitters, strength, pace, endurance all of which will power us through difficult times.

It is only a myth that we have to turn ‘within’ to find Passion, instead the truth is that it is a process therefore we get better at it over time.

4 Steps to build Passion:

1. Find an interest and make a decision to turn it into passion. You can have many interests at the moment but you need to pick and commit to one to begin with.

2. Engage with that interest and find out if it is worth pursuing it. If it is carry on with step 3 and if it is not change direction.

Important points!

Ask yourself these questions: Is your goal uplifting you AND others?

➜ Remember that the pursuit of building passion around something that does not uplift others will not be fulfilling as the reality of the human condition is that we have an innate drive and desire to serve and help others as our subconscious mind rewards us for contributing to the group.

➜ Also, if you observe that you frequently start pursuing an interest and then you cease being interested in the pursuit than the likelihood is that you lack grit, the ability to work hard and you need to develop grit.

3. Gain mastery in the skill / interest as it will put you into a reciprocal relationship with the people that the skill you are mastering allows you to impact.

4. Enter into a positive feedback loop as you gain mastery. Leveraging your fascination to help others is incredibly powerful and getting the positive feedback through gaining that mastery will be the source of the psychological energy that helps us overcoming adversity.

Massage Therapy and Passion

Massage Therapy is only a small tool in the toolbox to build your Passion: it is not essential but can be very beneficial, especially if you need to create space in your mind to gain clarity on your goals and plans and it also helps to lessen any physical pain or discomfort that you might have by promoting cellular health and general wellbeing.

Thank you for reading my blog - have an amazing day! ☀️

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