'Quite simply, I’ve never had a better massage. Eva is extremely experienced and is able to greatly improve the pain and discomfort that I often experience in my shoulders. Not only is Eva fantastic at what she does, but the kindness, humour and her genuinely caring listening ear make her truly a one-off. You can’t mention her name in our office without everybody agreeing whole-heartedly that she is the best at what she does and the loveliest person you could hope to meet. I’m truly sad that Eva is relocating but can assure any potential new clients that our great loss is very much your gain.'


Sophie P 

  • 'Morning, I just checked out a guest called Mr Pickard who was really impressed with Eva's massaged her knowledge of the treatments and wellbeing for guests. He wanted to pass on his thanks and appreciation.'

    Nicola B, Guest Service Manager at 5-STAR The Grove Hotel, London

  • 'First started going to Eva for remedial massage following a bout of shoulder pain brought on by years of sitting at a computer and simply not enough of the right exercise. Eva has been fantastic with her advice and support on top of the excellent massage skills. Eva visits our corporate office every week and I have become a regular customer. I have found her massages to be particularly beneficial after long haul travel and Eva has always made every effort to accommodate my travel and work schedule. Eva is the consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable and I can honestly say has been the best therapist I have used.'

    Patrick C

  • 'I have received massages from Eva for the last ten years. Eva is a top-class massage therapist. She has all the qualities that you would want to see in a massage therapist: friendly, considerate, attentive and flexible to adapt her treatments. Eva loves her work which radiates on her practice. I would definitely recommend Eva’s wonderful massages.'

    Laurence L

  • 'I am so annoyed with myself – I wish I had found Eva earlier! I had a back injury, which she pummelled out of me! It hurt to be honest, but not because of Eva – because I should have had a massage months before! It was absolutely necessary, and I loved how much Eva cared about my welfare, remembering that what I’d been up to, and what’s going on in my life – way more than I’d expect for any physio. I would strongly recommend Eva – she is brilliant at knowing when to stop chatting and leave me to enjoy the massage and the prices she charges are excellent value for money. Thanks Eva, I shall miss you!'

    Justin S

  • 'Not only is Eva amazing at massage – intuitive, responsive and effective at addressing stress tension and sports-related issues – but she also connects on an individual level. She was a great help physically, but also helped me on an emotional level as well to consider my approach to certain aspects of life. A holistic experience and highly recommended.'

    David C

  • 'Eva has provided onsite massage services for our employees since 2010 (until 2018). My colleagues and I found Eva to be punctual, reliable and provide an excellent service. Our employees are always impressed with her knowledge and can do attitude, such as lending them reading material and demonstrating stretching techniques to help improve quality of life for those with previous injuries or problems.'

    Charlotte K, HR Assistant WCHT, Watford

  • 'I have utilised Eva’s massages/ reflexology service over the last 2 years or so. I have found Eva to be a talented and caring professional. Her massages are wonderfully relaxing, especially at the end of a long and stressful week and would recommend the service to everyone.'

    Paul M

  • 'I have been having courses of massage due to back problems on and off for nearly 25 years. During this time I have seen some good and some bad, but can honestly say that Eva is one of the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I have used Eva now for more than 3 years and cannot fault her ability and technique in anyway, she really is extremely good. It is always a pleasure to see her too, because as well as her ability, she is a happy and friendly person, who genuinely seems to care about her clients.'

    Sam P

  • 'Eva is a fantastic massage therapist and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing her over and over again. Her technique is superb and she makes sure body and mind are both relaxed after each session :-)'

    Nicolas H

  • 'Due to exercising a lot I have a lot of tension in my back and regularly enjoy a massage. Eva has been the only one that can truly relax the muscles and find the parts that need most attention. She is very friendly, attentive and has a lot of strength to make sure your muscles are able to open up and release tension. Truly appreciate all her professionalism and can recommend to anyone.'

    Alina S

  • 'Eva is a brilliant masseuse, always making me feel so calm during and post massage! She has magical hands and a lovely aura.'

    Nat D

  • 'Eva is wonderful!! Every week she is pleased to see you, and remembers what you spoke about the last time despite large number of clients she must have; every appointment is personal. Brilliant massages, really gets the knots out, leaving me floating on air at the end of every appointment.'

    Becky D

  • 'I decided to use Eva’s services as I was getting discomfort in my shoulders and I had heard good reviews from my colleagues about the quality of her services. I’ve since had a number of massages in the past 2 years and always feel relaxed and improved after each one. Eva takes the time to explain why you are getting pain and recommends things that you can do to alleviate it. I’ve always appreciated the high-quality service I received from Eva'.

    Greg W

  • 'I have had issues with my lower back for a number of years and through some great treatment from Eva as well as information and advice about posture etc, my back is the best it has been in years! Eva is very friendly and always makes sure you are comfortable with the pressure being applied as well as when you are sitting down to ensure you get the most out of your massage treatment. She is lovely, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.'

    Dan W

  • 'Eva worked at Hilton for 12 years and has offered a great massage/reflexology service in an office based environment, very reasonably priced. She is known for her lovable and professional personality. Eva’s office based massage and reflexology is great in breaking down a stressful day. Her deeply intuitive and consistent approach is healing. Feel refreshed, relaxed and grounded after a session. I dare anyone not to nod off for a few minutes during a session with Eva!'

    Tanzeela M

  • ’Eva has been an excellent therapist over the years, always showing commitment and embracing the different ‘well-being’ and ‘Thrive’ initiatives that were implemented in the office. Her skills and technique are 5 star quality and it was a unique benefit to be able to see her in the office to have a back and shoulder massage that was fabulous tension buster. She has developed a loyal following and will be greatly missed.’

    Dot J

  • 'I had never had a massage before, but Eva was just fantastic.'

    Claudia D

  • 'Eva always makes you feel welcome and at ease in her sessions, with her conversations just as enlightening and relaxing as her excellent masseuse skills.'

    Josh I

  • 'Thank you so much for all the help, advice and positivity during the last 6 months of my injury. Your approach and techniques have definitely been a big help in my recovery and you will be greatly missed.'

    Dan W

  • 'Quite possibly the best 20 minutes of my week! After almost being asleep I had more energy for my evening! Thank you Eva.'

    Megan G

  • 'Eva is fantastic!! She is professional, always smiling and able to take those knots out of your back in no time! I always feel like a new person after each session and can feel the benefits for many days after. If you have the chance definitely take the time to thrive by booking one of Eva’s sessions.'

    Stephanie R

  • 'Eva has a very friendly yet professional approach – attending her massage sessions during or after the work day has always boosted up my energy and provided much needed relief. She really focuses on problem areas, adjusts to the customer and tries hard to make sure that all the muscle tension is gone by the end of the session.'

    Philip S

  • 'Before Eva, I always thought you had to make a choice between massages being either relaxing or effective- you could either enjoy them or benefit from a good sports massage, but not both. I was completely wrong! Eva works to find the right balance for you, so you can have the best of both worlds. She is great at fixing the muscle problems so common from sitting at a desk, while leaving you relaxed for your day.'

    Mike J

  • 'Thank you Eva for the countless amounts of massages. Your wonderful nature, professionalism and careful attention to detail to ensure a perfect experience is delivered has allowed me to relax, disconnect and left my back, neck and shoulders feeling great every time.'

    Jason K

  • 'Eva is kind in her approach, making people feel at ease and going above and beyond to help address any physical issues or discomfort. Time with Eva is time well spent, would highly recommend.'

    Claudia C

  • 'We have been lucky in having you here, your massages were a great way to take out the stress from my body after work.'

    Sabrina B

  • 'I’ve had multiple massages with Eva and she was great at customising treatment to my requirements. She would remember any injuries and specific requirements from the day1 and didn’t have to go into specific details every time.'

    Keti K

  • ‘I have had Eva’s amazing massages over many years, which were always something I so looked forward to, knowing that I was getting time to relax, switch off and benefit from a truly professional and wonderful experience, coming away feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would recommend you also experience and benefit from Eva’s massages – you will not be disappointed but only amazed at how you coming away feeling'

    Toni B

  • 'I booked both, Back massages and Reflexology, with Eva on many occasions and have found both treatments very enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial. Eva creates a very over all relaxing atmosphere during the treatment and adapts to individual needs in every session. She is always cheerful and very professional and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their overall wellbeing.'

    Sandra F

  • 'Eva has magic healing hands.. whether it’s the stress of a hectic week or pregnancy aches and pains she relaxes my body, mind and soul and I leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of my week and a toddler. She has a kind yet professional manner and will tailor the session to your needs, always remembering those small details that make all the difference.. thank you!'

    Kelly P

  • 'I suffer from Arthritis and having reflexology by Eva when she came into the office was a bonus for me. There were days when my joints just seem to cease up. Not only did it get my feet joints moving but gets the blood circulating and my whole body benefited as well; at a level comfortable for me. Not everyone likes his or her feet being massaged, but if you have not tried it – do give it a go at least once in your lifetime. I also like that fact that Eva is continuously learning other techniques and thus progressing in the knowledge she has allowing her to expand and suggest other treatments.'

    Jackie F